College Recruit?

Don’t find yourself down in the bottom of the ninth! Swing for the fences with College & Prep and Firecracker Baseball.

College & Prep is excited to partner with Firecracker Baseball in order to offer athletes guidance through the College process.

Years of experience with college admissions and scholar athletes, makes us the perfect team member.  Negotiating NCAA rules and regulations, gaining admission to showcases and tournaments, visiting schools as a prospect, and communicating and interviewing with collegiate coaches are all part of our pedigree.

College & Prep experts will help you curate the perfect baseball resume and college application.  Through teamwork, we will construct an ideal college list, maneuver skillfully through the ins and out of the admissions process, essays and supplements, and cut through the NCAA red tape, creating an admissions journey that is compelling, efficient and successful.

Please mention “Firecracker Baseball” when contacting us.